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Interested in becoming a volunteer member?

Air Support

Air Support

The Pinewood Springs Fire Department consists of community resident volunteers. Our volunteers put in many hours of training each year and all members are expected to participate.

As a new volunteer, you will be provided with a “mini academy” by our experienced officers and firefighters. This academy has a duration of approximately 6 – 10 weeks, where classes and hands on training of all equipment and apparatus are provided. During this time, our new members are placed in a probationary status. After completing the “mini academy” the members are evaluated and placed into an active status.

Med Evac Helicopter

Med Evac Helicopter

All fire fighters will be certified in basic first aid. All certification opportunities will be provided by our department. Within the first two years, all members are afforded the opportunity and encouraged to certify as Emergency Medical Responders, Structure Fire Fighter 1, and Wildland fire certification. All certifications require a commitment of personal time and energy.

Firefighters are equally expected to maintain a regimen of exercise for physical fitness and is part of our yearly training cycle. Back ground checks are required when joining as a volunteer member. For more information contact the Pinewood Springs fire department (see info below).

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 Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District
 61 Kiowa Road
 Lyons, CO  80540-8202
 Phone (303) 823-5086(303) 823-5086

 or via CONTACT form.


 Ted Plank, Chief
 Andrew Lucas, Assistant Chief
 Jessica Bologna, Captain
 Brian Rappel, Lieutenant
 John Bykerk, Lieutenant
 Tom Emerson, Lieutenant

 Fire Fighters:

 Gabriele Benson, Communications Specialist
 Randy Caner
 Larry Davis
 Andrew Hart
 Rick Henkle
 Kevin Noble
 Ross Swanson
 Troy Valente
 Lee Williams
 Kirk Ping
 Mark Martella