The diagram below illustrates the organizational flow of the PSFPD and depicts how it is managed, and operated. The Fire Board of Directors consists of Pinewood Springs community members. All financial decisions are determined by the board and/or are delegated to Department officers who manage routine supply purchases and reporting. The Fire Chief and Assistant Chief have equal authority and serve as backup to each other. Below you see the Captain runs most the operational portion of the fire department. The Captain delegates functional duties to the Lieutenants. Each Lieutenant is assigned to a specific vehicle apparatus which is their chief responsibility. All Incident Command during response flows as depicted below starting with the Fire Chief. All Officers/Fire Fighters are trained in “Incident Command System” and capable of adhering to the command structure. The “dotted” boxes below indicate the specialized skills and duties which may be the responsibility of any member who volunteers for any of these tasks or expert in that field of study. All report back through the chain of command.

Org Chart