Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The answers to the most frequently asked questions are below (click on a question to reveal the answer):

Did we get the matching DOLA grant?

Yes! On April 6, 2016 we learned that our community will be granted full budget matching funds of $406,000 for the PSFPD Fire Station and Community Center Project. A BIG thank you to our community for your ongoing support, many generous contributions and hundreds of volunteer hours.

With the DOLA grant awarded in April 2016, what happens next?

With notice of the DOLA grant award in early April, next the Project will go out to a public bid for a licensed and experienced metal building general contractor.

What was voted on in the November 2015 election, and how will it impact me?

The mill levy increase of 3.5 mills to provide partial funding for the PSFPD Fire Station & Community Center project was officially certified by Larimer County on November 18th. The count was 203 yes, 197 no. The response rate was 68% of 587 ballots issued. The Fire Board and Construction Project Team submitted our DOLA grant application for matching funds on December 1, 2015 and received notice of award in early April.

The impact of the mill levy will vary based on property valuation. We estimate that a homeowner with a valuation of $400,000 would see an increase of just over $110 per year.

What is the cost of the Project and how is it being funded?

The estimated Project budget of $846,000 is being funded by the DOLA grant of $406,000, community donations and grants totaling $240,000 and the lease/purchase obligation (funding from the mill levy) of $200,000.

Who is working on the fundraising?

The Fire Station and Community Center Project is managed by an Executive and Finance Committee (EFC) formed by the Fire Board Directors. Overall, they oversee all aspects of the project including fundraising.  There are four working committees under the EFC with specific responsibilities:

a.  The Capital Campaign Committee, under the leadership of John Bologna.  This committee is responsible for planning the capital campaign and the fundraising.

b. The Design and Construction Committee, under the leadership of Ted Plank.  The title defines their responsibility.

c.  The Brigade, under the leadership of Libby Noble.  They sponsor fire station events to help bring awareness and support to the project.  The events have raised several thousands for the campaign.

d. The Public Relations Committee, under the leadership of Jennifer Rivas, will work to get the word out on the project events related to the campaign.

What is DOLA?

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs works with local communities needing financial assistance, offering matching grants to support community facility and service needs. We applied for a DOLA grant in December 2015, and were awarded the matching grant in April 2016.

How much money has been raised to-date?

Through community fundraising, private donations and grants we have raised approximately $240,000. Thank you to our kind, generous and creative community!

Why is a new fire station and community center needed?

We have outgrown the current building, which is over 50 years old. Both the age of the building and the lack of adequate space prevent our volunteer firefighters from providing the quickest, safest responses to the variety of emergencies that arise. In addition, this old building requires significant maintenance. During winter, the operating conditions become even less bearable due to poor heating and lack of insulation.

Our volunteer PSFPD fire fighters and fire-medics donate, on average, 7 hours each week in support of our community. They risk their lives to serve, for no pay. As our family and friends, we should provide them with a building that allows them to properly train, maintain their equipment and keep their responding units mission-ready.

Why is this the right time for a new fire station?

Our community continues to experience growth. In the 50 years since the fire station was built, Pinewood Springs has expanded from 123 residents to almost 1,000. Services to the growing (and maturing) community also continue to change. PSFPD provides 24/7/365 service for a highway response area that covers US 36 from mile marker 8.5 to mile marker 12.75, a corridor that carries over 2 million vehicles per year.

The Fire Board and Construction Project Team submitted our DOLA grant application for matching funds on December 1, 2015, and received notice of the DOLA grant award in early April 2016.

What will the new building look like?

Plans have not yet been finalized. The Fire Board will continue to communicate with the community throughout this process on this website. The goal is to build a modest building that the community can be proud of.

Who can I talk with if I have more questions?

Any member of the Fire Board or EFC can answer your questions. Please reach out to John Bologna at to get more information. This website will continue to be updated throughout the project.

What impact will there be to fire department response during the construction phase of this project? Will the community still be adequately protected during that time?

The project will be phased so that full services will always be available to the community, though firefighters may be more inconvenienced and some apparatus may be in temporary accommodations at times. Overall, the long term benefit will be well worth the temporary inconvenience.

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