PWSFD_LogoDepartment Charter:
The Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District is a volunteer tax-based entity that provides services to the community of Pinewood Springs and Estes Park Estates, the adjacent National Forest areas, andĀ  the US Highway 36 corridor.

TheĀ  coverage area includes sections of Larimer and Boulder Counties.

PWS Fire Rescue: Truck 5101

PWS Fire Rescue: Truck 5101

Our Core services include:

  • Structure fire protection
  • Wildland fire suppression
  • Vehicle-fire suppression
  • Basic medical response
  • Motor vehicle accident response
  • Hazardous material containment and mitigation
  • Mutual Aid response
  • Rapid Intervention Team services.

These are provided with an emphasis on protection of life, limb, and property. In addition, the Fire Department accords its members the freedom to exercise discretionary use of training and resources to act on behalf of our customers in order to provide general assistance in a safe, courteous and respectful manner.