The Project

In 2012, the Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District (PSFPD) Fire Board created a team structure (referred to as The Project) for the purposes of raising funds to design and build a new Fire Station / Community Center.

Project Structure:

Org. ChartExecutive & Finance Committee (E&FC):

  • The EFC, with consideration of the overall Project goals, will issue goals for each committee. These goals are to be approved and reviewed periodically.
  • The EFC will follow the financial protocols as set by the Fire Protection District Board of Directors (The Board). The EFC is responsible for approving and submitting the annual Project Budget to The Board for approval.


  • John Bologna – Chair, Project Manager
  • Ted Plank – DCC Chair
  • Libby Noble – Brigade Chair
  • Jennifer Rivas – PRC Chair
  • Russ Hardy – Grants
  • Andy Lucas – Fire Department Advisor