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Advantage to the Community

The new Fire Station / Community Center is an investment in the safety and health for our community and those who pass through. The value we place in our fire district is the value we place in our homes and area.

Next, improved response time is a needed benefit. Our firefighters are delayed in retrieving their gear and getting the trucks out of the narrow bays. Having better access to gear and equipment will enhance response time to emergencies.

Our firefighters to serve us unselfishly, spending hours in training and providing 24-7 coverage. We need to support them by providing adequate funding, training and equipment to help them do their jobs well. An adequate, functional Fire Station falls into the equipment category.

The 2013 Front Range Flood demonstrated Pinewood Spring’s acute need for a modern, adequate Fire Station and Community Center. The building was the hub of disaster recovery activity – including community notification, food and water distribution and helicopter evacuation. Several municipalities and government agencies used the building as a focal point including FEMA, USDA Forest Service Hotshots, National Guard, Larimer County Flood Task Force and, not the least of which, the Pinewood Springs Fire Department.

Finally, we are able to obtain home insurance at reasonable rates because of our dedicated and well-trained volunteer firefighters. We have a good rating by the Insurance Service Office (ISO). Our history of investing in our fire district has paid dividends and a new station will only continue to keep our district strong.

Why we need a new Fire-station

In summary:

  • Dramatic growth in number of residents and highway vehicle traffic over the past 50 years
  • Our present Fire Station. . .
    • is so small it hampers fire fighter ability to quickly mount trucks
    • lacks useful command center, training and storage space
    • requires apparatus maintenance to be done outside
    • does not meet OSHA and NFPA requirements
    • inadequate for community needs
    • poorly heated and insulated

Why replace it now?

  • building condition requires significant maintenance – especially the roof
  • recent flood and forest fires confirms need for modern, adequate Fire Station and Community Center
  • grants are available from endowments, corporations, state-of-Colorado

Our present Fire Station was built in 1962. In the 5+ decades since, fire department requirements have changed significantly. Modern day firefighting apparatus would not fit into our building. Our fire engines were custom built to enable us to close the Fire Station bay doors. One bay allows only 1.5 inches clearance from the top of the truck. For public safety, quick response time is critical. The 4 garage bays need to be wider, longer, and taller to allow the fire fighters to mount their trucks quickly. Our limited bay sizes often requires the fire fighters to maintain the equipment outdoors and frequently in the cold. In addition, the current building does not meet OSHA and NFPA requirements including diesel fume exposure and flammable liquid storage.

The command center (a 264 square foot room) is unheated and serves as an office, changing room, locker room, storage area, alternate training room and front entrance to the Fire Station. Some fire fighter and fire department equipment is stored off-site and at fire fighter homes to mitigate the lack of station space. Officers do most of their administrative work from their homes. The heating system is original and under sized. The building is poorly heated and insulated. In the winter firefighters often cannot work more than 30 minutes in the command center before the temperature becomes unbearable.

Look at the following pictures to view the current building space limitations (click on  picture for larger version):