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Community Training FAQs

The Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District will continue to explore ways to bring relevant training and learning opportunities to our residents. Based on your questions and feedback this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page will continue to grow.

Q. What physical requirements are necessary to participate in the hands-on skills training portion of the Community CPR course? 

A. The in-person hands-on skills training portion of the Community CPR course lasts for approximately 2 hours and consists of kneeling on the floor for 15 to 20 minutes at a time working with the CPR mannequin, kneeling and standing at different intervals throughout the course.

Q. What Covid-19 measurements will be in place during in-person classes? 

A. All state and local Covid-19 requirements in effect at the time of the in-person portion of the training will be in place.  Classes are limited in size as well, and each participant will have their own equipment.

Potential Future Community Training Courses

Check back for information on future courses including: Basic First Aid Training and CPR Instructor Training

Have an idea for a future training sessions? Please email


Do you have a question about the sessions being offered? Please email