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Important Information - General

Photo of various gauges and meters

In the event of an emergency, fire or medical, you should ALWAYS dial 911 and provide your detailed location and type of incident to the 911 operator. By doing so, you are ensured of an expedient response from trained volunteers and professionals. Not only will our local fire department be responding, but also the 911 dispatcher will be simultaneously dispatching Estes Park Ambulance and mutual aid tones to surrounding fire departments. In critical situations, time is of the utmost importance. By following theses procedures, you will receive the best response and professional care.

During fall and winter months we start using our furnaces again after the long summer break. Each year it is recommended that residents have their furnaces, boilers and water heaters checked and cleaned by a professional.

Should you detect any odors of gas in your home or if a carbon monoxide detector is alerting, leave the house immediately! Once outside call 911. Our local fire department will be dispatched and can test the CO levels in your home. 


Local Open Flame Policy
Mountain living always presents a greater possibility of wild fires.

Please familiarize yourself with the Pinewood Spring Fire Protection District’s open flame policy designed to keep our community safe from human-caused fires and help us all enjoy our mountain environment responsibly.

General Open Flame Policy and Restrictions SOP-AD-005A-33-15


Photo of a firehose and nozzle

Chimney Maintenance – Each year our fire department responds to chimney fires. You should make it a habit to have your chimneys cleaned each fall prior to use. A chimney sweep is much less expensive than a fire or smoke damage. Pay specific attention when you first fire up your stove or fireplace and check all connection points for leaks and pay attention to poor drafting. This may be an indication of blockage somewhere in the exhaust flue or chimney.


Insurance Services Office – Public Protection Classification Rating

The Fire Board is pleased to announce that our current ISO rating has been determined to be at a Class 3 for all properties within 5 miles of the Pinewood Springs fire station, which applies to residences within the PSFPD response area.  This is a significant fire protection rating improvement, effective on March 1st, 2016.