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Non-Emergency Information

An informational graphic about signing up for community alerts online for Pinewood Springs.

Connect with PSFPD non-emergency information related to District events, appropriate messaging about motor-vehicle incidents, wildfire responses and other ongoing calls in our area.

Once you are signed up with LETA to ensure you are receiving Emergency Alerts, you can log into your profile and “Select your Larimer County Community”. In this drop down, select “Pinewood Springs”. This will keep you connected and allow you to receive non-emergency communications from our District.

Or, simply call 970-962-2173 to get signed up over the phone.

Click the link below to set up a new account: 

How to Create a New NoCo Alert Account to Receive Pinewood Springs Community Alerts.pdf


Or, if you already have an account, click the link below to update your profile to receive local information: 

How to Update Your Current NoCo Alert Account to Start Receiving Pinewood Springs Community Alerts.pdf